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Motivation, experience and mission

In the beginning I want to thank you for reading this. Because of people like you such places as this blog can happen. In this post you will read about my motivation and the path I traveled in the last years of my life. I am happy that I have come to realize my plans.

So I am here again, writing. This time it will be more professional. More precise. More.

I am excited.. and a bit overwhelmed about that what will come, what I am obliged to do by signing the contract with myself. I do not remember the actual date but this is about 2 years ago when I have decided to move forward. To get out of the limbo I have been suspended within. I know that part of you can empathize when I state that there is a moment in life when you had had your diploma and finished the studies while already working. You can say that you are no longer a student, you can say that now starts the rest of your life – it seems that there is your moment that you have been always looking forward to.. But you do not feel that.

No straight line, no cut off. Smooth transition.

One day you wake up and go to the university. Next few days you go to work in between the lectures, you go to the lectures in between working hours. And then you wake up, put your clothes on and go for your nine-to-five. And you will not even realize at that moment that this is how the rest of your life will look like. Probably.

So you are just in between. These times when you do not even have your future plans set up – oh right, you have the general direction, there is a reason you have been studying and now spend 8+ hours in the office – but you are just drifting and you can tell that even suits you. That feeling, that particular time frame. I am sure that this period varies across different people – in my case it finished 2 years ago. Something just clicked.

Nothing really happened before I went to bed, but I remember how I have felt when I woke up the next day.

That vision and those cogs moving in my head. I felt certainty, clear mind and I know that this is my time. In my case moving forward took form of updating CV, creating an account in LinkedIn, looking though fanpages that I’ve been following and channels on YouTube that I have been subscribed to. Professional experience have been written down, skills observed and goals set. SharePoint Developer. This is my focus. Not a .NET Developer, not a Programmer – proudly and surely SharePoint Developer. In times when almost every office worker curse on Intranet times loading and programmers swear using juicy “kurwa” – I have consciously decided to develop in this direction and stand firmly on this decision in every recruitment process that happened after.

LinkedIn profile got filled with English language (against all insecurities that I have with my language skills), profile picture swapped from murder-alike one to bit more up-to-date man wearing glasses that acquired facial hair. Now I can be recognized. I have tried to “get into” the community, but it didn’t work out for me.

Social media have been retargeted on development by replacing such channels as “Top 5 League of Legends Plays” with “Strefa Psyche Uniwersytetu SWPS” (psychology) or “Linus Tech Tips” (IT, hardware). Facebook wall have been forced to show newest entries from Mateusz Grzesiak, Microsoft and Zaufana Trzecia Strona (IT security). That was categoric but necessary step for me to wrap myself with those things that support my development. Few years back I felt no need to spent time on Facebook and this has changed diametrical because I cannot imagine a day without launching it. Not to see cat memes but because it suggests me content that stimulate my curiosity, feeds my inner child with all its “whys” and “hows”. Of course I do not limit myself only to serious content but I am proud of myself that this is not only for entertainment.

I have created StackOverflow and GitHub accounts. I am guilty as charged – today I am not participating in any open source project (but this may change in this year) or helping answering developers’ questions – for everything there is a time and then time was not suitable.

I have managed to improve my financial situation – I have been proposed with B2B offer. That requires establishing formal business (in Poland it is called “jednoosobowa działalność gospodarcza” which basically means you register a firm with only you as it’s employee) and acquire all knowledge required to lead the formality, to match all government deadlines and all bureaucracy that comes with it. That was a huge step for me but I have found that I am realizing myself in it. I have felt (and still feeling that way) very mature and consciousness. More responsibilities, more to have on my shoulder.

From that time my thriving for knowledge is redirected to finances. For the last 2 years I have:

  • created my retirement accounts (in Poland we have IKE and IKZE which can be translated to Individual Retirement Account and Individual Retirement Reassurance Account),
  • created account in brokerage and completed multiple operations on Warsaw Stock Exchange,
  • moved my IKE account for retirement optimization,
  • watched a ton of videos from different brokerages and individual investors which helps me a lot in understanding how to read and analize charts, what is fundamental and technical analysis,
  • discover what the fundamentals of healthy home budget are (great thanks to Michał Szafrański that was and is the guideline in my financial education), created few versions of home budget spreadsheet which I am using on daily basis,
  • entered the cryptomarket (bow to my friends: Adrian and Michał A. with whom I analize the current situation very often),
  • realized what my payout consists of,
  • manage my spendings more aware, I know what different taxes are and how to calculate and pay them
  • got the knowledge about various financial instruments like stocks, subscription right, pre-emptive rights, obligations, CFDs, futures; I know what dividend portfolio is,
  • played on Forex, got familiarized with such terms like pip, lot, spread and leverage.

Not all investments were profitable, part of them finished only with losses – but I cannot price the knowledge I get from experimenting with various methods during that time, so eventual losses I categorized as education costs. At this moment I can state with full awareness that in Poland financial literacy is almost close to zero. Maybe this is also the problem in your place of living. Ask yourself following questions: what were you taught about finances in school? Do you feel like money is a tabu in your discussions? Have you been shown how to fill the official forms? How to make yearly tax settlements? How to establish a business, how to manage budget? Do you have the saving habit for future retirement? I am aware that not all of them applies to your country or financial situation but nevertheless this is an important topic.

Here I am able to point the first reason for establishing this blog. Maybe not a financial education, because there are a lot more competent people in this area with more appropriate skills, but sharing my knowledge as I learn it myself. I strongly believe that my words find their recipient and encourage to further education. To take responsibility for the future and not let to make decisions for them.

Second reason is my professional development.

Not all of us want to go back from office to sit again in front of the monitor to make the pull request to .NET Core. We programmers often rest on our’s laurels. Because one way or the other we always find a job. We sunk from recruiters’ “international, interesting and developmental” offers. We earn thousands for just sitting on our asses and scrolling through 9gag. I know that if you are not from IT or you are the one person in team who stays to late 2 AM and saves the project (once again) – it makes your blood boil but this changes nothing. This is how it is: programmers are lazy and think themselves as elite of society. And I think those times are past.

If you highest ambition is sitting in boxers and rattle through those 8 hours by spending 70% watching Netflix – I understand and wish you the best.

But for me it is not enough. I want to go out to world with my ideas, problems and solutions. I want to develop all the time, but I will not overdrive. Sleep and private life is far more important than working overtime (which is basically taking out debt from future self). Today I set my bar higher than before because here I declare that on this site you will find software development topics. I will grief and I will glorify. I will not limit myself and I do not want for this blog to became emotionless technical documentation.

This site will have my soul in it. And I think it starts now :).

By preparing article I must do my homework more careful – and this is the best motivator you can find to develop yourself: teach someone. Quoting what Maslow once said: I will be the man I can be.

See you in the next, more meatful, post.

PS. This is the beginning of this blog so this is the time I need your support the most – if you see the mistake, something is not loading or is not translated or anything – contact me. If I helped you in something, encouraged you to do something – I will gladly read about it, because there is no bigger reward for me than knowing that my words are not indifferent.

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