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[#2] 2017’s Summary from SI, Pluralsight IQ, BTC Futures, Lightning Network’s first steps

Today: quite content-heavy one hour video via Paweł Biedrzycki from Strefa Inwestorów, in which he analyses previous year from the angle of accuracy of his decisions; inspirational fundamental and technical analysis of CD Project company.

I think that two week span is a safe period that helps me in filtering the less important (from my point of view) events that happened, got discovered or have been observed. Not anyone follows me on Tweeter or gets the notifications from Facebook and I think that it is a good practice to be up-to-date with cryptomarket (especially in the times we have now) and Warsaw Stock Exchange because of the new year.

Paweł Biedrzycki in his 2017’s summary (Strefa Inwestorów)

Paweł talks about the results of the SI’s wallet, tells about hit and misses in the last year. He discloses the thinking that have stood behind them. I think that this is the kind of material you should be looking for if you want to start your journey as an investor – where you are presented with the actual positions being taken also with strategy being explained. In my opinion the best of the best is analysis of lost position because

  • it shows that you can’t separate losses from gains, both are the parts of the investment process and you should be prepared for this; as an investor it is your responsibility to take risk into the account, you have to have a plan before entering the market. What do you do if tomorrow the rate drops by 3%? What if it rises by 3%? What do you do when just after you bought the stocks, rate will consolidate for the next month – will you sell or hold on it because you know that they can show new product on the trade fairs that is taking place in two months from now? Make sure that you have the strategy before taking the position and execute the plan – but be prepared to make the quick decision in case of unexpected news (ex. death of the member of the staff, natural disaster in endangered areas)
  • nothing builds trust to the writer as good as his confession that he was wrong; it is much easier to brag about wins instead of loses.

And just by looking on this single slide you can tell, it is a damn good result!

So we have a lot to learn. Check out the video yourself.

Pluralsight IQ

Jakub Gutkowski turns my attention on very cool feature of well known portal – Pluralsight IQ. The project itself was announced on 21st of September 2017 and it verifies your knowledge in one of the area:

  • Development (Angular, C#, Android, Java, HTML5, etc.)
  • IT Ops (Docker, Azure, PowerShell, etc.)
  • Creative (Adobe, AutoCAD, Photoshop, etc.)

As you can read in the official FAQ

The Pluralsight IQ (Iris Quotient) is a continuous score from 0 to 300 that is based on your percentile in that skill area. Your percentile  tells you how much more you know than others who have the same skill, and is rated on a scale from 0 to 100.

That means if your answers are better than 98% of the population you are in the 98th percentile.

It is worth mentioning that Pluralsight has a subscribtion model ($299/year or $29/month), but event you don’t have an active account (and you have already used all the free plans, just like me) you still can take the Pluralsight IQ test three times because of the ongoing sweepstakes (until 19/02).

I wanted to check the platform myself and took the C# assignment. I must say that questions are interesting and challenging (no “Which of the following is not the valid C# keyword?”) and every one have its own time limit. Correct answer is shown just after you choose your option.

CD Project – market analysis (25/01/2018)

For example how to analyse company by technical and fundamental means – this is very well done article. Just to make it clear – it is not an advance analysis, nevertheless there are some conceptions and acronyms you probably never came across or will see for the first time – especially if you are beginner. But whole text does not overflow with them, you should understand what you are reading.

The CD Project rate got the huge interest two weeks ago because of the small Tweet after 4 years of inactivity.

Worthly mentions

Coding Game

The idea is simple and pleasant in execution – in one window you have the visualization of the test cases, in second there is the code you will fill to pass the test cases. Your goal is to pass them all.

Last time time I have interested in this site it was a beta or launch, I think. Now I see there are multiple games, quite developed social features, achievements, levels and experience points. It is worth looking – you will not graduate yourself Senior Developer, but for beginner or experienced developers it could be a great fun 🙂


Very approachable place to learn about many (25-ish) types of threats that are waiting on your site. Interactive examples with animations, code snippets and solutions with brief explaination.


Remark: from time to time you will be served with Netsparker, that is a bit drawback, but in basis of its content it is forgivable.

Text Favicon Generator

You choose font type, size, dimensions and colors, write some text – and voila! You have your favicon that you can save as PNG on your disk. That is how favicon on this blog got created 😉


Filip Konieczny and Mateusz Szaton explains that

  • news from the beginning of the January about closing markets and ban for cryptotrades in South Korea are false and there are proceedings against politician that wanted to benefit from market shake,
  • cryptomarket is news-driven – there is nothing new about drops in marketcap in this year,
  • keep and eye on banksters – their payrolls are the days of increased volumes,
  • important topic: BTC futures – it looks like a trend now that we should play against big guns from Wall Street because they want to profit both from contracts and BTC market that puts under their manipulations (see 17th and 26th of January)

Lightning Network on mainnet

Downbit on 22nd of January informed that first transaction were made through Lightning Network. For those that are not familiar with this term, see this video. Right now for single transaction, no matter how big, you would pay ~$10 fees and would wait a few minutes for the confirmation. The solution is LN where fees are negligible and confirmation is received in few seconds.

Status of LN can be seen on pleasant visualization. At the moment of writing this article we have 350 nodes on mainnet. When LN will be adopted we should expect huge rises in BTC (probably).

Would you share your reflections? Maybe I missed something that should be mentioned? Or maybe you want to share your suggestion about this blog? Please leave a comment below 🙂

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