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[#1] WordPress Development for Beginners by WPMUDEV and road so far

Development: GitHub, WordPress theme

Just before the end of the last year I have started the brilliant course on –  WordPress Development for BeginnersThere was a special CyberMonday offer when you could get 3 months premium access for free. Which I have redeemed and I am glad I had.  For the course itself – it is 6 module tutorial on WordPress on the beginner level lead by Daniel Pataki. There are the written and video parts of each of the modules which supplement each other, because written part is not a transcript of what you can learn  by watching videos. After each module there is a multiple choice test which should be passed with at least 80% score and a discussion section (not obligatory). Whole course can be just clicked through (but if that’s a someone’s choice why they should disable that). Last step is a final challenge that encourages you to create your own WordPress theme which meets listed criteria (noone verifies that). After a finished course you get the certificate (PDF file that states you have finished the course, no added value to you CV, but still cool reward).


As stated above this course can be omitted just to have it ticked off – but I decided to seize this opportunity not only to become friends with GitHub once again and consolidate what I have learned but also to create a post about this process :).

My assumptions:

  • I will  try Atom, the “hackable” editor – Daniel uses is whole time during his course; it looked to me as interesting alternative to Notepad++ which I was looking the replacement for some time;
  • all work will be under GitHub version control – for research and my portfolio;
  • during the realization of project I am basing only on written tutorial – because initially I was watching the videos and running through the text that sounded just right.


As I have decided I have done. Be the way, after I have logged on GithHub I saw the message

I do not know of this is something relatively new because I do not remember that GitHub have such rich guides choice for newcomers.

But, lets get back to the project. On the first pages of the course you are presented with developer environment proposed way by using XAMPP with WordPress engine installed. No problems with that. The only modification I have made is enabling the multisite for the convenience because each project could have its own site.

During the realization I have to refer few times to official WordPress Developer Reference because not everything is copy-paste ready – you need to think a bit about the solution :). The result can be seen below and for the source code refer to the my GitHub profile.

Now with my morale intact I can show you my certificate. The more inquisitive mind will see that date of certification is almost a week before the first commit to GitHub. And that is because noone verifies if you actually completed the course and created the theme. So when I have entered the portal with this post in my mind it checked my course as completed and generated the certificate for me. At least I had the good intention 😛

Last 2 weeks on blog:

  • I have added the Tweeter Feed on the sidebar because unless I post something the site looked like a static block; I tweet at least once a day and naturally I cannot do with such frequency on the blog – this element informs reader that I am active on social media;
  • as a result I have removed my profile image – there was too much of my face after Tweeter Feed was added;
  • theme I am using (Total Theme, also got as a CyberMonday deal) doesn’t have Polish translation available and Polylang plugin does not translate all strings; I have contacted with theme support and after installation of Loco Translate I have translated missing strings manually;
  • because I am planning to be more active on GitHub I have added GitHub profile link below “About me” section.

Do not miss:

If you have not listed the Mała Wielka Firma podcast with Adam Grzesik about budget in company yet I encourage you to do so (Polish only).

Additionaly Maciej Aniserowicz shared one of the devstyle army private recording – two hour long discussion to listen (Polish only)

If Meltdown and Spectre does not ring a bell, it is time to read about breaking news of the last decade in IT security.

In cryptoworld on 8th of January we have a correction, probably because of (another) information about South Korea closing its markets (more on Reddit)

Ethereum rises like does not care about Bitcoin, getting ahead of Ripple that have been rising rapidly over last month.

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